Student Profile: Elvira Nunez (JD ’17)

Elvira Nunez (JD '17)

Elvira Nunez (JD '17)

Name: Elvira Nunez

Hometown: Lynn, Mass.

Why I chose Wake Forest School of Law: I chose to attend Wake Forest School of Law because of the atmosphere that I experienced when I visited. The school is very student-oriented and it is clear that the professors and faculty truly want every student to succeed. I was looking for precisely that type of environment after attending a small liberal arts college.

Undergraduate school and degree: I attended Denison University, a small liberal arts school in Granville, Ohio. I majored in Sociology/Anthropology and minored in Philosophy.

Hobbies and interests: I love to practice yoga. My practice has been really helpful in keeping me centered and focused and has helped me manage the stress that comes with your first year of law school. I have also really enjoyed exploring Winston-Salem and all it has to offer.

About Wake Forest Law: I am looking forward to learning about different areas of the law. I worked as a paralegal for two years after I graduated from college and I thought that I was set on the area of law that I want to practice after law school. After having attended orientation, classes, and varying career panels, my interests have expanded and I am now considering a wider array of career paths.

Plans for after graduation: One of the areas of law that I am most interested in is family law. I am considering becoming a guardian ad litem and Wake Forest offers many opportunities for me to achieve that goal, most notably, the Child Advocacy Clinic.

Something interesting about me: I own probably around a hundred pairs of fuzzy socks, my favorite color is purple, and I don’t like peanut butter.