Student Profile: Sarah Margaret Saint (’17)

Sarah Margaret Saint ('17)

Sarah Margaret Saint ('17)

Name: Sarah Margaret Saint (’17)

Hometown: Huntsville, Ala.

Why I chose Wake Forest School of Law: There are two common threads that run through the entire Wake Forest School of Law culture: a commitment to excellence and a commitment to service. The upward trajectory of Wake Forest Law graduates demonstrates this commitment to excellence. However, nothing was more compelling to me than the story of a student at a conference who was praised for the impressive list of pro bono work on her resume. She found her service unremarkable because it is what expected of every Wake Forest Law student. I chose Wake Forest Law so I could be surrounded by that kind of student for the next three years and that kind of colleague for the rest of my life.

Undergraduate school and degree: I earned a BS degree in psychology with minors in public relations, gender and race studies and the Blount Undergraduate Initiative from the University of Alabama in 2011. I earned a Master of Arts degree in school counseling from the University of Alabama in 2013.

Hobbies and interests: In my free time, I like to recuperate with solitary activities: reading memoirs, trying out new recipes, upcycling furniture, hiking and kayaking. On the weekends, I love to go to art museums and the theatre, explore unique restaurants and antique stores and take brewery and winery tours with my partner and friends.

Something I am looking forward to as a 1L: I am looking forward to getting involved with the pro bono opportunities Wake Forest Law has to offer. I cannot wait to begin applying the skills I have been learning. I came to law school to serve the community, and I am eager to get started.

What I plan to do after graduation: I want to have a career in education policy or policy that tangentially effects the education system. I would love to work for a firm that represents clients that education has failed, a non-profit that works with education policy and advocacy or a criminal defense team that seeks alternative sentencing for juveniles to combat the school-to-prison pipeline.

Campus involvement: I am a part of the Trial Bar team, Teen Court, Youth Advocacy Group, OUTLaw and Women in Law.

Where I volunteer in my free time: I am passionate about education so I am involved with several nonprofit organizations focused on tangibly addressing educational disparities, including the Junior League of Greensboro and serving as the director of Student Leadership for Alabama’s chapter of the Educational Theatre Association. The Junior League of Greensboro supports Cone Elementary, a Title 1 school, through programming, financial, and parental support, helping to close the education gap in low-income communities. The Educational Theatre Association advocates for theatre education in middle and high schools across the nation. Theatre education has proven results in both academics, such as higher SAT scores, and soft skills, such as teamwork, problem-solving and communication skills.