Women in Law and Pre-Law Society present “Overcoming Challenges for Women Lawyers”

Wake Forest Law Professor Laura Graham and the Women in Law and Pre-Law Society hosts author and speaker, Susan Smith Blakely, presenting a discussion for women lawyers and future lawyers. In this open-forum discussion, Blakely will provide practical, real-world solutions to the challenges facing young women lawyers and the legal profession with a focus on raising the retention rates for women in the law. The event, titled “Overcoming Challenges for Women Lawyers,” will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014 from 5:00-6:00 p.m. in Worrell Professional Center Room 1302.
Blakely is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and Georgetown Law. She is a former practicing attorney, law firm partner, Chief of Staff in public service, and the founder of the Best Friends at the Bar project.
Blakely has dedicated her post-practicing attorney life to raising awareness and support for the benefits and significant challenges facing women in the law. Blakely is the author of the books “Best Friends at the Bar: What Women Need to Know about a Career in the Law” and “Best Friends at the Bar: The New Balance for Today’s Woman Lawyer.” In these books, Blakely draws upon her own experience in the legal world to offer career advice and tips for women lawyers.  Her third book, devoted to top-down leadership for women in law firms, is forthcoming in 2015.
Blakely has lived through the challenges of being a woman lawyer with significant responsibilities for home and family. Along with balancing her career and personal life, Blakely married to a commercial litigator and is the mother of two children, including a daughter who is a lawyer.

In the discussion, Blakely will be prepared to address the necessity for women lawyers to create personal definitions of success, the need for work-life balance and how to achieve it, why women lawyers leave, overcoming the gender challenges in a male-dominated profession, myths affecting women lawyers, the on-ramp/off-ramp dilemma, what it means to be a professional woman, what to look for in a law firm, and the responsibility of law firm leaders to contribute to the solutions for the challenges facing women lawyers.

Although she predominantly devoted to the concept of helping women, Blakely believes that the challenges to women in the law affect both men and women in the practice, and she welcomes the participation of male lawyers and male law students in all of her programs.
Susan Blakely's "Best Friends at the Bar: The New Balance for Today's Woman Lawyer"
This event is open to all Wake Forest School of Law students and alumni.
Learn more at www.bestfriendsatthebar.com