Student Profile: Kevin Martin (’17)


Name: Kevin Martin (’17)

Hometown: Seattle, Wash.
Why I chose Wake Forest Law: Wake Forest Law sells themselves on their community for good reason. It’s real. I love it here.
Undergraduate school and major: I have a B.S. from Seattle Pacific University and an M.S. from Western Kentucky University, both in biology.
Hobbies and Interests: I enjoy running, rock climbing and reading. I also write.
What I am looking forward to as a 1L: I look forward to each and every day. My law school dreams are happening right now as I attend class with friends, study in the library and scout for free food around the premises.
Plans for after graduation: Looking forward, I would like to earn an LLM in Space, Cyber and Telecom Law and serve as an Air Force Judge Advocate General (JAG), not necessarily in that order. After that, I would like to help pass legislation promoting space exploration and industry.
Campus involvement: I participate in Teen Court and tutor kids after school at Hanes Hosiery Community Center.
Something interesting about me: Pets I have had over the years include poison dart frogs, a water snake and a miniature potbelly pig named Elvis, who was always hungry. Elvis lives on a farm in New York now. I think of him often.