Professor Andrew Verstein’s essay, ‘Violent White-Collar Crimes,’ published in Wake Forest Law Review

Photo of Wake Forest Law Professor Andrew Verstein

Associate Professor Andrew Verstein

Professor Andrew Verstein has posted “Violent White-Collar Crime” (Wake Forest Law Review, Vol. 49, pp. 873-887, 2014) on SSRN. This essay was written in connection with 2014 Wake Forest Law Review Spring Colloquium: “The Law as Violence: An Interdisciplinary Conversation.”

Here is the abstract:

It is orthodox to divide the universe of crimes according to their violence. There are violent crimes, prototypically street crimes. And there are nonviolent crimes of fraud, prototypically white-collar crimes. Although the implications of this distinction are controversial, the distinction itself is not controversial. This Essay challenges this universal dichotomy by offering an account of violence that admits many crimes of deception. That is, properly understood, violence can be found in the fraudulent foreclosure, the embezzlement, and the forged check.

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