Jenica Cassidy (’14) examines restoration of rights for adults with ABA Commission on Law and Aging

Photo of Jenica Cassidy ('14)

Jenica Cassidy ('14)

Jenica Cassidy (’14) has been serving as a Fellow with the ABA Commission on Law and Aging since August 2014.  As a Fellow, she has been working on a study that examines termination of guardianships and restoration of rights for adults.

BiFocal, the journal of the ABA Commission is publishing a short overview of the study in its February issue. What I especially appreciate is the clear documentation provided by the author on the methodology, including “(1) statutory review; (2) case law search and analysis; (3) online questionnaires for attorneys and judges; and (4) stakeholder interviews.”

Cassidy and the Commission staff analyzed 104 cases, including 57 cases occurring between 1984 and 2014, where individuals petitioned for restoration of rights.  The study highlights the challenges that face any individual seeking to terminate a guardianship, as well as the impact of guardian testimony or opposition to such petitions.

The full report will be published in the Elder Law Journal (University of Illinois).