Professor Kami Chavis Simmons participates in SLU’s controversial ‘The Thin Blue Line: Policing Post-Ferguson’ symposium

Photo of Professor Kami Chavis

Criminal Justice Program Director and Professor Kami Chavis, Associate Dean for Research and Public Engagement

Professor Kami Chavis Simmons, director of the Wake Forest Law Criminal Justice Program, spoke about how to police policemen during the “The Thin Blue Line: Policing Post-Ferguson” symposium at St. Louis University School of Law on Friday, Feb. 20, 2015.

The symposium focused on the legal and societal challenges that face law enforcement on the streets today. The event featured professors, attorneys and policemen discussing criticisms of law enforcement officers in the past few months and consider what steps to take to move forward.

Professor Simmons was featured on a panel that included two other professors of criminal law: Seth Stoughton, Assistant Professor of Law at University of South Carolina School of Law, and Edward Maguire, Professor in the Department of Justice, Law, & Criminology at American University.

Bob McCulloch, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney, was the keynote speaker for the event. He was also the lead prosecutor during the grand jury trial of Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown in Aug. 2014. During his speech he was interrupted many times by protestors, according to Professor Simmons. Some SLU students had requested that McCulloch’s invitation to speak at his alma mater during the symposium be rescinded due to his handling of the case.

Visit the website of the symposium for more details and read the U.S. News article written about the symposium.