Alumnus Profile: Alieu Barry Bah (MSL ’14)

Alieu Barry Bah (MSL '14)

Alieu Barry Bah (MSL '14)

Alumnus Profile: Alieu Barry Bah (MSL ’14)

Home: Gambia, West Africa, and now Charlotte, North Carolina

Post-graduation: After graduating with an MSL degree from Wake Forest Law, Bah was promoted to Vice President in Compliance and Risk Management at Wells Fargo Securities.

“Law school was very different from my time in business school. Toward the end of the first semester it seemed as if I was learning a new language — learning how to write, read and speak all over again. The knowledge and skills I gained in classes such as legal research and writing have conditioned and enhanced my analytical reasoning and business judgment skills. Going back to corporate America, I found my writing and communication skills to be very different from before. Today, I am much more critical of my own work products because in law school I learned about cases that are the result of ambiguity or ineffective communication strategies.”

MSL and career application: “The law affects all facets of our society. In addition to my business law courses, I appreciate classes such as administrative and regulatory law, civil procedure, contracts, torts and constitutional law. These MSL classes at Wake Forest Law gave me a solid foundation in understanding legal philosophy and jurisprudence. My current role in the area of compliance and risk management help keep our line of business in compliance with regulatory requirements and mitigating operational risks. With the current regulatory environment, financial institutions are under increased scrutiny. As a matter of public policy, lawmakers are also under increased pressure from their constituents given the recent global financial crisis. My legal education has equipped me with the knowledge to be able to connect the dots between economics, public policy and law.”

Why I chose to pursue the MSL degree: Bah learned about the Wake Forest Law MSL program when he read about it in the Wall Street Journal.

“I was considering law school, because I’d already studied business administration, but I also wanted to further my education and career in global business, so I began looking at Wake Forest University and other schools.”

His contacts and familiarity with financial transactions from working in healthcare industry and banking made the Wake Forest MSL program even more attractive because it enabled him to “gain more confidence about what I already knew.” He chose the MSL program because it was one year versus three for a traditional law degree.

Leadership at Wake Forest Law: Bah served as the MSL representative for the Wake Forest Law Student Bar Association, acting as a liaison between the MLS  and JD students as well as the administration. He also helped coordinate events for MSL students with other JD student organizations.

Undergraduate school and major: After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Bellevue University in Nebraska, Bah attended graduate school in the United Kingdom, where he studied international business economics and globalization at Brookes and Oxford universities. He then attended the executive education program in health policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

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