American Association Justice (AAJ) Trial Team, National Trial Team (NTT) selections announced for 2015-16

The  coaches for the American Association Justice (AAJ) Trial Team and National Trial Team (NTT) have announced their selections for the 2015-16 Wake Forest Law trial teams. “The coaches greatly appreciate the time and effort of the students who participated in the selection process,” says Ann Robertson, Clinical Coordinator of the Litigation Externship Clinic. “Due to the number of exciting candidates, each team elected to add one slot to offer opportunities to two additional students.”

The selections are as follows:

AAJ: Coaches Professor Matt Breeding (’06) & Katie King (’12)

Drew Culler (’17)
Mia Falzarano (’17)
Chelsea Monroe (’16)
Ethan White (’17)

NTT: Coaches Stephanie Reese (’96) &  Professor Mark Boynton (’97)

Maria Nkonge (’16)
Bradley Simon (’17)
Lauren Stovall (’17)
Daniel Stratton (’17)
Sophia Vazquez (’17)

The AAJ Trial Team promotes skill and excellence in trial advocacy through practice and competition.With the help of two local practicing attorneys, students practice trial advocacy skills regularly throughout the school year in preparation for the annual AAJ Student Trial Advocacy Competition held in the spring of each year.

The focus of National Trial Team is on developing trial practice and oral advocacy skills in law students through practices and competitions judged by practicing attorneys and judges. Participating in National Trial Team helps members learn to critically analyze cases, write and deliver opening statements and closing arguments, conduct direct and cross examination of witnesses, and argue motions and objections just as they would for a real trial.