Professor Abigail Perdue presents at Fifth Annual Capital Area Legal Writing Conference

Photo of Wake Forest Law Professor Abigail Perdue posing outside the Worrell Professional Center

Professor Abigail Perdue

Professor Abigail Perdue represented Wake Forest University School of Law at the Fifth Annual Capital Area Legal Writing Conference hosted by William & Mary School of Law on March 6, 2015, in Williamsburg, Va.

In her presentation, “Teaching and Reaching Millennials: Fresh Perspectives from an Insider,” Professor Perdue utilized survey data and scholarly research to highlight defining features of the Millennial generation and to discuss specific pedagogical approaches and exercises tailored to effectively reach them.

“There’s a little Millennial in all of us, and if we just embrace it, then maybe we can learn as much from them as they can learn from us,” she says.

The conference included presentations on a variety of topics such as legal writing pedagogy, teaching techniques, developments in legal writing scholarship, the use of technology in the classroom and responding to changes in the legal academy and the workplace. Legal writing professors from across America attended the conference.

To learn more, visit the Capital Area Legal Writing Conference website.