Alumni Profile: Mark Filburn (JD ’90)

Photo of Mark Filburn (JD '90)

Mark Filburn

Mark Filburn (JD ’90) wants what’s best for the Wake Forest University School of Law.

It is neither a cliché nor a platitude. He means it in the most selfless of ways.

As the new chair of the Law Board of Visitors (LBOV), Filburn will do whatever he can to help the law school.

He wants current students to grow and to learn, to appreciate the law school as students and, later, as alumni.

Filburn is CEO of ZMG Construction of Longwood, Florida. His responsibilities, the company website says, “include the management of daily operating activities and legal affairs and executing policies to align the company’s goals for growth.” He’s a founding partner of Prospect Property Group, and before then was a partner with Ruden, McClosky, Smith, Schuster & Russell, P.A. He has more than 20 years of experience in real estate and construction law.

His appointment to CEO of ZMG, he says, is so far the most significant achievement in a stellar career, which he attributes in part “to the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills I developed as a student at Wake Forest Law.”

“It is important for me to give back to Wake Forest Law as a member of the LBOV because I benefited greatly from the education I received at Wake Forest Law and I want to help ensure that the students at Wake Forest Law continue to receive the best legal education possible.”

Admitted to the Florida bar in 1990 — and now with more than 20 years in construction law — Filburn has hired a number of recent Wake Forest Law graduates.

He wants others to follow his lead.

“In the short term, I would like the board members to assist the law school with employment of students, as well as helping raise money for scholarships,” says Filburn, who earned his bachelor’s degree from the Miami (Ohio) University.

“In the long term I would like to see the board to help the law school to continue to increase its national reputation.”

Filburn, who lives with his family in Winter Park, Florida, has served as a board member for the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority, MetroPlan Orlando and the Board of Visitors for Lake Highland Preparatory School.

As LBOV chair for the coming year, Filburn hopes to support, and to enhance, discussion among board members and law school staff toward strategic planning and establishing goals for the law school and, in turn, accomplishing those goals. “I would like to see alumni not on the LBOV or Rose Council give suggestions on how to continue to improve the law school.”

Alumni insight and experience are valuable tools as law schools evolve to meet the ever-changing needs and demands of the legal profession. Employment and scholarships for students, Filburn says, are “two of the most important challenges facing law schools today.”

Get involved, he says.

“I would encourage everyone to attend Law Alumni Weekend so that they can see all of the exciting changes which are occurring at the law school as well as to have an opportunity to interact with the administration of the law school and share their thoughts on the law school and its future.

“Additionally, it’s a great opportunity to reconnect with classmates, meet other alumni and in general have fun with other members of the law school community.”

Dean Suzanne Reynolds (JD ’77) is looking forward to working with the LBOV in her first year as dean under Filburn’s leadership.

“Mark brings to his new position with the board the keen mind and absolute commitment that has made him so successful in every venture,” Reynolds said. “The school he loves will be better and stronger because of his leadership.”