Professor Laura Graham’s article on writing about legal analysis published in Kansas Law Review

Professor Laura Graham‘s article, “Why-Rac? Revisiting the Traditional Paradigm for Writing About Legal Analysis,” was published in the Kansas Law Review in May 2015.

The article centers around the subject of the IRAC method (Issue, Rule, Application, Conclusion). Graham urges the legal academy to re-evaluate its uses for the IRAC as a “tool for organizing and writing about legal analysis.” Graham stresses the importance of using IRAC as a framework rather than a template as well as touching upon the defiances and criticisms that come with this particular method. Lastly, Professor Graham introduces an alternative lens for looking at the IRAC.

Winner of the first Graham Award for Excellence in Teaching Legal Research and Writing, Laura Graham has been teaching Legal Analysis, Writing, & Research and Appellate Advocacy at Wake Forest since 1999.  Her research and speaking interests center on how to maximize beginning law students’ early success in legal writing.  She is a regular contributor to various state and national bar journals, where she provides writing refreshers for practicing attorneys.