Professor Jonathan Cardi collaborates with career navigation platform to launch Legal Skills Assessment and Portfolio for law students, alumni and employers

Photo of Professor Jonathan Cardi

Jonathan Cardi specializes in tort law and the area of race issues. He is co-author of a torts casebook and a remedies casebook and is co-editor of a book entitled Critical Race Realism. In 2010, he served as president of the Southeastern Association of Law Schools, and he is a member of the American Law Institute.

Wake Forest Law is committed to providing its students and alumni with the highest level of support in the career preparation process. To that end, the law school has collaborated with the career navigation platform company, Virgil, to develop the Legal Skills Assessment & Portfolio (LSAP) for law students and alumni. Virgil is a New York-based technology company that has developed an unparalleled career navigation experience on both web and native mobile environments, according to its CEO and founder, Ron Mitchell. Associate Dean for Research and Development Jonathan Cardi and Virgil’s, Ron Mitchell, will present the platform and a brief training demonstration to faculty, staff and students on Wednesday, Sept. 23, at noon in Room 1312 of Worrell Professional Center.

Through a series of skill surveys across 9 different competencies, the LSAP enables students to assess the development of their legal skills, identify the courses needed to build these skills, and share a personalized legal skills portfolio with potential employers. It will be available for any law student or alumnus to use through the Office of Career and Professional Development website, Symplicity.

Cardi explains, “The Legal Skills Assessment & Portfolio (LSAP) was developed in response to a call from the Bar for more emphasis on skills training. We wanted to both help guide students and alumni in the development of their lawyering skills, and assist in their efforts to find employment.”

“The primary goal of our business is to provide students and professionals greater transparency as to the skills and competencies required to advance their careers,” states Mitchell. “The opportunity to collaborate with Wake Forest University School of Law has enabled us to build a best-in-class solution for the legal community.”

“Thanks to Professor Cardi’s extraordinary efforts, we are able to help students assess their skill sets, make plans to strengthen them, and describe them for future employers. These efforts and the excellent tools available through Virgil have given Wake Forest Law students a unique advantage in translating their skills for the legal market,” says Dean Suzanne Reynolds (JD ’77).

Cardi joined the faculty of Wake Forest in July 2010. He specializes in tort law, the law of remedies, and the intersection of race and the law. He has served as President of the Southeastern Association of Law Schools and Chair of the Remedies Section of the AALS, and he is a member of the American Law Institute, serving as Associate Reporter of the Restatement (Third) of Torts: Intentional Torts.

Virgil enables job seekers to assess their competitiveness for any career in less than 90 seconds. Job seekers who receive a competitive score are directed to job postings where they can apply. Candidates deemed not competitive receive a personalized action plan detailing the steps required to enhance their competitiveness and receive recommendations of resources to address those skill gaps. See more at