TWC Triad News interviews Chris Salemme (JD ’17) about free veteran’s legal workshop set for Saturday, Nov. 14

Photo of Chris Salemme (JD '17)

Chris Salemme (JD '17)

Chris Salemme (JD ’17) was featured on Time Warner News Triad in live video coverage on Wednesday, Nov. 11, discussing the upcoming free Veteran’s Legal Workshop hosted by Veterans Advocacy Law Organization (VALOR) on 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 14, at the Worrell Professional Center in the Law Commons and Room 1310. The workshop is free and open to veterans and active military in the community. Register for the event here.

The news story video can be viewed here on the TWC website. The original story by Elaina O’Connell follows:

Veterans Day is a time to honor military heroes past and present. This year, Wake Forest’s Veteran’s Advocacy Law Organization, or VALOR,  is sponsoring a number of events to help service members and their families.

“Our mission is to provide legal education to veterans in the area and also give students an opportunity to volunteer and provide other services to veterans,” said VALOR secretary Chris Salemme.

Salemme, a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army, hopes to one day be a part of the Judge Advocate General’s Corps.

“They’re essentially military attorneys; each branch has their own JAG Corps,” said Salemme. “I figured the best way I could serve our country was by serving those who serve as an attorney.”

“Our state and federal legislators have passed numerous laws to protect veterans, but if they don’t know about them they can’t take full benefit from them,” said Salemme.

On Saturday, local attorneys and professionals from the area will offer several legal seminars for veterans and current service members.

“They’ll be on employment related issues, family law, and housing,” said Salemme. “There will be representatives from the Department of Veterans Affairs, and there will also be a representative from the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office. There will be an opportunity for veterans to sign up for a will drafting session.”

All at no cost.

“We welcome especially National Guardsman and reservists. We will be providing information about their specific rights. [For example,] when a Guardsman or a reservist goes active and deploys their job has to be there for them when they come back. There are also landlord tenant laws that apply.”

The workshop is Saturday at 9 a.m, and it’ll be held inside Wake Forest’s Law School.