Professors Harold A. Lloyd and Tanya Marsh lead roundtable discussions at the 45th annual ICSC conference

Professor Harold A. Lloyd and Professor Tanya Marsh each led notable roundtable discussions at the 45th annual ICSC conference on U.S. Shopping Center Law on Oct. 30 in Phoenix, Arizona. Chris Stoffan (JD ’13) was also in attendance.

Professor Lloyd led an interactive discussion on the dangers and pitfalls of Estoppel and Subordination, Nondisturbance and Attornment Agreements as part of the ICSC conference held Oct. 28-31.

“Attending and speaking at the annual conference is important for several reasons,” Professor Lloyd said. “It not only helps us remain current with the law, but it also helps us maintain and establish professional contacts that promote Wake Forest law school and its students.”

Professor Lloyd is a co-editor in chief of The Second Draft and has also served as the Ethics Chair for the Corporate Counsel Section of the North Carolina Bar Association. His legal interests include law and language, semiotics of law, rhetoric, interpretation theory, commercial transactions (including commercial leasing and other real property transactions), the practical art of commercial negotiation and drafting and legal education theory and reform.

Professor Marsh led a discussion regarding, “Off-Broadway Tenant Coming to Your Center: How to Cast Medical Care Providers, Schools, and Other New Players in Your Shopping Center.”

Professor Marsh teaches Property, Real Estate Transactions, a Seminar on Law, Business, and the Economy, Funeral and Cemetery Law and Professional Development. Her scholarship addresses commercial real estate, the regulation of community banks, and the laws regarding the status, treatment, and disposition of human remains.