VALOR members provide free legal advice to veterans

Photo of Valor Members providing legal advice to veterans in classroom

TWC News came out to the Saturday, Nov. 14, Veterans Legal Clinic sponsored by VALOR. Following is the original story, which can be found here:

Veterans gathered at Wake Forest University, Saturday free a legal advice workshop. Law students hosted a special workshop to help Veterans with any questions they had about legal issues. Brandon Bennett served in the Marines. When he got out he was pointed to several resources for help.

“Pretty much as soon as I left the class,” explained Bennett, “ I didn’t really remember how to look things up. This has been pretty awesome.”

That’s not an uncommon response according to attorney, Kim Bonuomo. One of the reasons she volunteered to lend a helping hand in partnering with the school.

“Our system is really just overburdened with lots of people not being able to afford legal services and Veterans are a very large group of that,”she described.

Bonuomo said many issues Veterans are dealing with are getting approval to have their service animals, seeking employment and family related issues.

It’s why a group of Wake Forest law students will be volunteer their time the rest of the school year To serve those, that have served them.

“They didn’t go serve our country for themselves,” said student Chris Salemme, “ They did it for us. Its only fair that we protect them and uphold our end of the deal.”

Bennett hoped he wouldn’t need to utilize the Veterans Legal Clinic at WFU, but he won’t hesitate to ask for help if the need arises.

“I’ve been pretty lucky not had too many legal issues,” explained Bennett, “But, I’m sure if I ever do it’s nice to have this service.”

You can learn more about the Wake Forest Veteran’s Legal Clinic here.