New Two-Year JD for International Lawyers degree featured in LLM Guide

Photo of Julia de la Parra

Photo of Julia de la Parra

Wake Forest Law’s new Two-Year JD for International Lawyers is featured in the international LLM Guide here. An excerpt from the original story follows.

Julia de la Parra, a lawyer from Argentina, received her J.D. in Buenos Aires in 2008, spent four and a half years working there, then completed an LL.M. at Northwestern University and assumed an associated professional job at a North Carolina law firm.

But since only four US states allow foreign students with an LL.M. to sit the bar, de la Parra was unable to work as a lawyer at her new company.

“For someone with an international background, if you don’t want to limit yourself to the basics of trying to find a job in New York [one of the states that allows LL.M. students to take the bar], you basically need a J.D. if you want a career in the States,” she says.

That’s why de la Parra decided to enroll in Wake Forest University’s new two-year J.D. program, one of a growing number of truncated J.D. programs that’s sprung up in the US in the past few years.

There are two types of two-year J.D. programs: accelerated J.D. programs, which are geared towards American students who don’t want to spend three years out of the work, and international J.D. programs, which are geared towards international students like de la Parra who already hold an undergraduate degree in law from their home country.

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