Ryo Kawamura (‘99) Recounts His Positive Experiences as an LL.M. at Wake Forest Law School

 Ryo Kawamura (LL.M. ’99), first Japanese graduate of Wake Forest Law’s LL.M. program, is now senior legal adviser for Ube Industries, Ltd., an international manufacturing and technology corporation. Most recently, Kawamura facilitated negotiations for the acquisition of subsidiary Advanced Electrolyte Technologies LLC, a joint venture company of UBE and Dow Chemical.

In a recent conversation with the International Graduate Programs Office, Kawamura said the expertise and professionalism he gained at Wake Forest Law while earning his LL.M. degree have been invaluable in his career. He also remembers the time he spent at the law school and in Winston-Salem fondly, and commented on the welcoming, helpful atmosphere of the school.

“The classes were so tough for me, but many professors and J.D. classmates helped me, especially Professor Alan Palmiter, who was my faculty adviser. He arranged a so-called ‘Weekly Lunch’ for me every Wednesday because my English was not so good. It was fun and I believed my English abilities, especially speaking ability, improved,” said Kawamura.

Kawamura’s close relationships with classmates, faculty and staff were a great memory for him as he recounted his time on campus. He spoke of the personal approach that the International Graduate Programs Office takes with students. “They took care of not only me but also my wife, Junko,” he explained. ”She took some undergraduate classes at WFU and spent her time at the beautiful library.  So, Junko and I had really good time at WFU.”  Kawamura added that a big factor in his success in the LL.M. program was the administration and faculty’s dedication to insuring a positive and academically rich experience for international students, while still focusing on students individually.

In perhaps the best recommendation the LL.M. program could ask for, Ryo expressed his wish for prospective LL.M. students, “I hope all of the L.LM. students at Wake Forest Law are fortunate to have the same experience as I had.”