Wake Forest Journal of Law & Policy announces 2016-2017 board of editors

The Wake Forest Journal of Law & Policy has announced its new board of editors for the 2016-2017 academic year.

The new Editor-In-Chief will be Christopher J. Salemme and the new Managing Editor will be Jared R. Adams.

The three Executive Editors will be Drew H. Culler, Emily C. Jeske and Nicole R. Scallon. The Articles Editors will be Alanna M. Jereb, Lauren M. Mistretta and Cecilia L. Slifko.

The Business Editor will be Allie E. Vandivier, and the Sua Sponte Editor will be Daniel P. Choyce.

The Notes and Comments Editors will be Stephanie A. Jackson and Caitlin Stone, and Erica C. Oates will be the Symposium Editor.

The Wake Forest Journal of Law & Policy is an interdisciplinary publication that explores the intersection of timely legal issues with public and social policy through two annual issues. While the Journal primarily publishes legal analyses, they welcome other scholarly works and social commentary that contribute to a diverse and dynamic intellectual dialogue.

The staff of the Journal is offered to students with strong academic credentials and exemplary performance in the annual write-on competition.