Joseph Greener (JD ’16) argues in the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit

Photo of Lauren Emery (JD ’16), Joseph Greener (JD ’16) and Professor John Korzen

Joseph Greener (JD ’16) argued on April 27 in the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, in Chicago, as part of the Appellate Advocacy Clinic. Greener and Lauren Emery (JD ’16) represent Charles Evans in the case of United States v. Evans, which is a direct appeal to the Seventh Circuit following a guilty plea and sentencing in the United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin. The Seventh Circuit is the federal appellate court for cases arising in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. The Court appointed the clinic to represent Evans on appeal.

During the fall semester, Greener and Emery divided the work for the Brief of Appellant and the Reply Brief of Appellant, reviewing the record, deciding which issues to raise, and then researching and drafting one issue each. Both issues involve sentencing, including whether Evans “maintained a dwelling” for distributing drugs and whether Evans should have received a lower sentence for timely “acceptance of responsibility.”

The three-judge panel that heard the argument consisted of Judge Joel Flaum of Illinois, Judge Daniel Manion of Indiana, and Judge Ann Williams of Illinois. Judge Williams was unable to attend the oral argument in person, but she asked several questions and was easy to hear and answer through audio equipment. Greener’s parents live in the Chicago area and attended the argument. Emery and Professor John J. Korzen (BA ’81, JD ’91), director of the Appellate Advocacy Clinic, also attended the argument.

“Joseph did a great job in Chicago,” Korzen said. “He hit all the points he planned to hit and had very responsive answers to all the questions the judges asked. His hard work really showed. Lauren was a wonderful teammate, thoroughly helping Joseph prepare, and the other 3Ls in the clinic were a big help, too, grilling him at a practice argument here at Wake Forest Law.”

Greener’s argument was the third time an Appellate Advocacy Clinic student has argued at the Seventh Circuit.