Professor Kami Chavis Simmons interviewed by Wisconsin Public Radio about Baltimore officer acquitted in Freddie Gray’s death

Photo of Wake Forest Law School Professor Kami Chavis

Professor of Law and Director of the Criminal Justice Program Kami Chavis

Professor Kami Chavis Simmons was interviewed by Wisconsin Public Radio host Rob Ferrett on May 23, 2016, for the original story “Baltimore Police Officer Acquitted in Freddie Gray’s Death,” which follows. You can listen to the interview here.

WPR reports: “On Monday, a judge acquitted a police officer in Baltimore who was involved in the death of Freddie Gray. Gray was a black man who died of injuries sustained while he was in police custody. Prosecutors say Gray sustained a spinal injury while riding in the back of a police van without a secured seatbelt. The officer, Edward Nero, was implicated in the opening moments of Gray’s arrest and was acquitted of second-degree assault, misconduct, and of reckless endangerment. We talk to an expert on law and criminal justice about this news and its larger context.”

Professor Chavis Simmons is the director of the Criminal Justice Program at Wake Forest Law.  In 2015, she was appointed as a Senior Academic Fellow at the Joint Center for Political And Economic Studies. She has substantial practice experience and writes and teaches in areas related to criminal law, criminal procedure and criminal justice reform.