Professor Sidney Shapiro named among 20 most-cited administrative law faculty

Photo of Professor Sidney Shapiro

Professor Sidney Shapiro

Professor Sidney Shapiro has been named the 19th most-cited administrative law faculty member from 2010 to 2014 in Brian Leiter’s law school report, published originally on Law Professor Blogs Network on May 24, 2016.  See below for details about the study.

“Once again, drawing on the data from the 2015 Sisk study,though this category is admittedly slightly more artificial than some of the others.  Some of the faculty below work in administrative law, but do no work in environmental; some work in both; and some work in other areas of regulatory law, like telecommunications, which overlap with administrative law. Administrative law scholars with a significant constitutional dimension to their work were included in a prior ranking.”

Rank Name School Citations Age in 2016
1 Richard Stewart New York University 880 76
2 Jody Freeman Harvard University 780 52
Richard J. Pierce, Jr. George Washington University 780 73
4 Richard Revesz New York University 720 58
5 J.B. Ruhl Vanderbilt University 700 58
6 Gary Lawson Boston University 690 58
7 Peter Strauss Columbia University 670 76
8 Jonathan Adler Case Western Reserve University 600 47
Richard Lazarus Harvard University 600 62
10 Robin Kundis Craig University of Utah 510 52
11 Lisa Bressman Vanderbilt University 500 50
Douglas Kysar Yale University 500 43
13 Thomas McGarity University of Texas, Austin 490 67
14 James Salzman University of California, Los Angeles (part-time) 480 52
15 A. Dan Tarlock Chicago-Kent College of Law 470 76
Christopher Yoo University of Pennsylvania 470 52
17 Orly Lobel University of San Diego 460 43
18 Jim Rossi Vanderbilt University 450 51
19 Sidney Shapiro Wake Forest University 440 69
20 Mark Seidenfeld Florida State University 430 62

Professor Shapiro is one of the country’s leading experts in administrative procedure and regulatory policy.  He has written 10 books, contributed chapters to seven additional books, authored or coauthored over fifty-five articles, and is currently working on a book on administrative expertise.  Sid has been a consultant to government agencies and has testified before Congress on regulatory subjects. He is the Vice-President of the Center for Progressive Reform, a nonprofit research and educational organization of university-affiliated academics.  Before coming to Wake Forest, Sid taught at the University of Kansas where he was a distinguished professor. Prior to teaching, Sid was a trial attorney with the Federal Trade Commission and Deputy Legal Counsel of the Secretary\’s Review Panel at the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.