Brandy Nickoloff (JD ’18) presents her program Limitless to Wake Forest Law faculty and staff

Photo of Brandy Nickoloff (JD '18) presenting her 'Limitless' program to faculty and staff.

Brandy Nickoloff (JD '18) presents her "Limitless" program, which aims to foster skills in resilience and mental performance, to Wake Forest Law faculty and staff.

Brandy Nickoloff (JD ’18) has developed Limitless, a resiliency and performance enhancement training program that focuses on developing skills to train the mind..  Nickoloff presented the program for the first time to Wake Forest Law faculty and staff on Friday, July 15, in the Worrell Professional Center.

The presentation, sponsored by the Office of Career and Professional Development, was an overview of the conception, purpose and aims of the program, which Nickoloff developed during her 1L year as part of a project for her legal writing course with Professor Abigail Perdue.

“I was thrilled that our class discussions on grit and our Pro Humanitate class project inspired Brandy to develop Limitless.  Resiliency is essential to professional success, and Brandy has found an innovative way to foster it in others,” said Professor Perdue.

Nickoloff says the program’s conception originated from her college basketball days as a “Wolverine,” where she learned and exercised techniques for physical, mental and emotional resilience.  She connected the necessity of these techniques for a young basketball player to that for a law student, who is likely to experience depression and anxiety  during law school, according to her research.

Nickoloff shared Henry David Thoreau’s words, “To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again.  To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.”  Nickoloff’s tagline for Limitless is “A choice.  A skill.  A mindset.”

The bulk of the presentation covered the skills addressed within Limitless, including grip v. gravity, self-talk, initial focus and refocus, steadfast reliability, relaxation and imagery, among others.  Each skill’s explanation was followed by an “action” to foster its development.  For initial focus and refocus, for example, have a trigger to signal refocus and practice that trigger every time, Nickoloff suggested.

According to Kim Fields, director of Wake Forest Law’s Office of Career and Professional Development, the presentation was immensely helpful.

“Brandy provided us with key concepts that we can immediately implement in our everyday lives to improve our work and/or school performance,” Fields said.  Fields assisted Nickoloff throughout the development of Limitless.

The presentation identified the application of Limitless‘ principles to individuals, relationships and culture as a whole.  Nickoloff aims that the program will result in participants’ ability to operate at their highest level despite circumstances, practice resiliency to results and refocus attention.  To summarize, Nickoloff shared her college basketball coach’s acronym PRIDE, or “positive relaxed intensity delivers excellence.”

Nickoloff welcomed attendees’ input and expressed her gratitude for Wake Forest Law faculty and staff’s support.  She plans to present the program to other entities on and off campus.

Additionally, according to Professor Perdue, who is currently working with Nickoloff on developing a short, scholarly article on the program for future publication, “I plan to incorporate Limitless into my legal writing course this year and look forward to working with Brandy in the future to further develop this exciting new program.”