Wake Forest Journal of Law & Policy welcomes new staff members for 2016-17

Photo of books in reoccurring row that say 'Wake Forest Journal of Law & Policy'

The Wake Forest Journal of Law & Policy has announced the membership of 23 new rising second-year law students to its organization. Students were selected by either grading into the top 20 percent of their class or their superior performance in the write-on competition.

The new members are Cory Alonso, Rachel Bouchard Chaimowiz, Emily Brooke Boutwell, Mary Grace Carey, Joseph P. Chaves, Staci Coble, C.J. Compher, Stephanie A. Criscione, Kristin N. Delbridge, Hillary Frame, Julia V. Gallagher, Vanessa Garrido, Shomik L. Gibson, Andrew E. Hayhurst, Teresa J. Herrán, Ryan T. Holt, Grayson T. Lowery, Caroline Maass, Hannah C. Maroney, John McCool, Yawara Ng, Samantha Poon, Emily E. Scotton, Alexander R. Teixeira and Dylan R. Tucker.

The Journal, one of Wake Forest Law’s three student-run legal journals, is an interdisciplinary publication that explores the intersection of provocative legal issues with public and social policy. The Journal examines salient topics, such as energy, economics, healthcare and social justice, as well as seeks to introduce and advance discourse consistent with Wake Forest’s motto of “Pro Humanitate.”

The Journal publishes two issues annually, one of which is dedicated to its annual symposium. The issues’ content is primarily legal analyses. Also included are other scholarly works and social commentary that contribute to a diverse and dynamic intellectual dialogue.