Professor Tanya Marsh authors article in Natural Transitions magazine regarding rights of dead, estate planning and more

Photo of Wake Forest Law Professor Tanya Marsh posing in the Worell Professional Center

Tanya Marsh, Associate Professor of Law

Professor Tanya Marsh authored the article, “Who Controls the Dead? The Right to Make Funeral and Disposition Decisions,”  found on pages 20-22 in Issue 1, Volume 5 of Natural Transitions magazine.  In the article, Professor Marsh discusses the United States’ laws regarding human remains, the rights of the dead and the next kin, estate planning and more.  The magazine issue can be downloaded here.

Professor Marsh teaches Funeral and Cemetery Law; Professional Development; Property and Real Estate Transactions, a Seminar on Law, Business, and the Economy.  Her scholarship addresses commercial real estate, the regulation of community banks and the laws regarding the status, treatment, and disposition of human remains.

Marsh is involved in the leadership of the American Bar Association’s Real Property Trust & Estate Law Section and is a frequent contributor to that section’s CLE offerings.  She also writes for The Huffington Post, PropertyProf Blog and The Funeral Law Blog.