Ashley DiMuzio of Whiteville, North Carolina, wins the 2016 1L Trial Bar Competition

Photo of law students Ashley DiMunzio (JD '19) and Paige Tucker (JD '19) in large courtroom

Ashley DiMuzio (JD ’19) is the winner of the 2016 1L Trial Bar Competition Finals, sponsored by the Wake Forest Student Trial Bar.

The final argument, State of Worrell vs. Shane Walsh was held at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016, in the Worrell Professional Center between Paige Tucker (JD ’19) of Tampa Bay, Floriday, on behalf of the State of Worrell and DiMuzio, who was counsel for the defense, and a native of Whiteville, North Carolina.

This year’s problem was based on the popular AMC television series, “The Walking Dead.” In the problem, the criminal trial is being brought against Shane Walsh for the kidnapping and murder of Beth Greene. Blood and fingerprints belonging to Beth were found in Mr. Walsh’s home and RV, which was located not far from Beth’s body. Mr. Walsh maintains he was asleep in his home after he and his friend, Daryl Dixon, bandaged Beth after she arrived at his house injured. Upon waking, Mr. Walsh claims Beth, Daryl, and the RV were gone.

After a hard-fought battle in front of the Honorable William L. Osteen Jr., chief district judge serving the Middle District of North Carolina, he told the competitors that it is awfully difficult to get up in front of complete stranger and plead their case with no notes. “What you all did today was extraordinary. I thought you were both very fair in your trail of facts. I can’t believe you all ha e only been in law school for six week. It’s incredible.”

Final Four contestants included Mark Parent and Caleb Hodge and the final eight included Gilbert Smolenski, Charlotte Loper, Avery Barber and Tracea Rice.

Sweet 16 contestants included Virginia Stanton, John Ryan, Zachary Irvine, Alina Bosanac, Rebecca Wolfe, Nick Masters, Zakiya Clemons and Philip Goldstein.

The 2016 1L Trial Bar Competition Co-Chairs are Mike Stephens (JD ’18), Staci Coble (JD ’18) and Zach McCamey (JD ’18).
Daniel Stratton (JD ’17), vice president of the Trial Bar, said it was a great competition and thanked all the competitors and judges for participating in this year’s competition as well as the co-chairs for their efforts.