OCPD Director Kim Fields gives career advice in GoodCall report for recent grads

Photo of Kim Fields

Kim Fields

Kim Fields, director of the Office of Career & Professional Development, was featured in the “Expert Advice” section of the GoodCall report, “2016′s Best Places for Law School Graduates,” published on Aug. 29, 2016.

GoodCall asked, in this tough job climate for law graduates, what is your best piece of advice for recent grads looking to jump start their career?

Fields responded with the following:

My best piece of advice for recent unemployed law grads looking to jump start your legal career is to put yourself out there. Continue to build relationships and obtain practice-related experience in the city where you have an interest in working long-term, even if you have to volunteer. You can do this by offering your services to an attorney on a pro bono project, volunteering for a judge, reconnecting with past employers, and joining, and taking an active role in, law-related associations and non-profits related to the legal field.

For some grads it might mean taking a job with an employer that isn’t your first choice. In that case, use it as a means to gain general legal experience, sharpen your skills and help build your larger network. The first job you take will not be your only job; it is just one stepping stone along your career journey.

Whatever you feel you don’t have to offer employers, like top grades or an ivy-league pedigree, remember that those things don’t determine who you are. Your resilience, adaptability and drive are the most important factors that will set you apart from others on your same path.