Professor Andrew Verstein to speak on international corporate issues at Brooklyn Law School’s 2016 Scholars’ Roundtable

Photo of Wake Forest Law Professor Andrew Verstein

Associate Professor Andrew Verstein

For the second time, Professor Andrew Vertsein will present at the Scholars’ Roundtable at Brooklyn Law School, Saturday, Oct. 14, 2016.  Professor Verstein and other scholars were selected amid great competition by the law school’s Dennis J. Block Center for the Study of International Business Law, sponsor of the annual event.

Professor Verstein, one of three scholars that will address international corporate issues, will present his paper, “Corporate Law as National Security.”  Other scholars will present on various international business and law-related topics, including intellectual property, taxation, trade and more.

Professor Verstein teaches Business Associations, Contracts, Corporate Finance and Securities Litigation. His recent research, published in the Virginia Law Review, focuses on insider trading in commodities markets. He has also written and spoken widely on crowd funding and person-to-person lending, market manipulation and nature of financial benchmarks and indices such as Libor.

Professor Verstein frequently discusses financial law topics in the media, such as on CNBC’s Squawk Box and Worldwide Exchange, and BBC’s World Report, and in Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal.