Professor Ellen Murphy (JD ’02) quoted in the ABA Journal regarding acceptance of competitive-keyword advertising for lawyers

Photo of Wake Forest Law Assistant Dean of Instructional Technologies and Design Ellen Murphy (JD '02) outside the Worrell Professional Center

Assistant Dean of Instructional Technologies and Design Ellen Murphy (JD '02)

Professor Ellen Murphy (JD ’02),  assistant dean of instructional design and director of the Master in Studies in Law (MSL) degree program, is quoted in the following ABA Journal story, “Texas lawyers may use competitors’ names in keyword marketing.”

Following is an excerpt:

The growing acceptance of competitive-keyword advertising does not surprise Ellen Murphy, a professor at Wake Forest University School of Law who teaches contemporary ethics.

“I think this is another example of technology outpacing regulation,” she says. “I also think this is inevitable. Otherwise, we are going to regulate specific platforms and specific functions on particular platforms. It is too inefficient to try to regulate each and every technological advancement.”

Duncan predicts that more states will address the competitive-keyword advertising issue. “I imagine this will come up more frequently, especially because North Carolina and Texas have reached opposite conclusions in considering an identical scenario,” she says.