Alumni, professors featured in Law School Transparency podcast series ‘Women in the Law’

Graphic for the 2016 'Hey Sweetie' radio talk that says 'Hey Sweetie' and incorporates the universal symbol for man and the universal symbol for woman

Wake Forest Law, along with the university’s Office of the Provost, the Wake Graduate Women in Business (WGWIB),  the Pro Humanitate Institute, the Anna Julia Cooper Center and the Women’s Center. has sponsored the first podcast and roundtable discussions about sexism in the legal profession for the new Law School Transparency (LST) podcast series, “Women in the Law.”

Podcast guests are Dr. Elizabeth Dickinson, Kathryn Cockrill, Kimberley Baker Guillemet, Leah Guitierrez, Lindsey Seeskin, Rahysa Vargas, Rita Gregio, Sarah Schnautz, Valerie Barnhart and Virginia Hoptman.

Roundtable guests are made up of Wake Forest Law alumni and Professors Shannon Gilreath (JD ’02), Alison Ashe-Card and Forsyth District Court Judge Larry Fine as well as Catharine Arrowood (JD ’76), Mireille Clough (JD ’02) and Clara Cottrell (JD ’07).

LST Moderators are Kimber Russell and Kyle McEntee, who helped organize and produce the podcast.

Dean Suzanne Reynolds (JD ’77) says, “The examples are set mostly in the workplace of women lawyers, but the examples easily translate (unfortunately) into all the workplaces of women.”

The following columns were written as a response to the podcast and roundtable:

The co-producers of the project are Olympia Duhart, a law professor at Shepard Broad College of Law at Nova Southeastern University, and Russell, a consultant at BlueStar Data Solutions.