Josh Pitcock (JD ’01) named Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s chief of staff

Photo of United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

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Wake Forest Law’s Josh Pitcock (JD ’01) has been confirmed as Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s chief of staff, according to the following story written by Ken de la Bastide and published in the Anderson (Ind.) Herald Bulletin on Jan. 6, 2012, here.

ANDERSON — Anderson High School graduate Josh Pitcock has been named chief of staff to Vice President-elect Mike Pence and an assistant to President-elect Donald Trump.

Trump’s transition team made the announcement of Pitcock’s appointment as chief of staff to Pence on Wednesday.

“These individuals will be key leaders in helping to implement the President-elect’s agenda and bring real change to Washington,” Reince Priebus, the incoming White House chief of staff, said in a press release. “Each of them has been instrumental over the last several months, and in some cases years, in helping the President-elect.”

Marc Lotter, spokesman for Vice President-elect Pence, said Pence has immense respect for Pitcock, having worked with him for many years.

“The Vice President-elect believes Josh (Pitcock) is a great person to lead his staff,” Lotter said.

A 1994 graduate of Anderson High School, Pitcock graduated from Depauw University and received his law degree from Wake Forest University.

While at AHS, Pitcock was a diver on the swimming team and graduated with honors.

Pitcock, 41, served as an aide to Pence during his time in the House of Representatives and eventually became his chief of staff there. After Pence was elected governor of Indiana in 2012, Pitcock stayed in Washington during Pence’s governorship, serving as the state’s lobbyist.

“Golly no,” his father Jerry said when asked if he ever imagined his son being chief of staff for the vice president.

“We knew he had the offer for a couple of weeks,” Jerry Pitcock said.

Brian Howey, editor of Howey Politics Indiana, said any time a local person is as close as Pitcock will be to the center of power of the United States, it’s good for the community.

“People tend not to forget where they came from,” he said. “If Anderson ever had a special need that goes that far up in the decision-making process, it will help to have someone from the city.”

Jerry Pitcock said his son’s interest in politics started while he was at Depauw University.

“He took a political science course and one of the professors traveled to Washington weekly for a television show,” he said. “He got Josh interested in politics and law.”

The professor was Ken Bode, who hosted the “Washington Week in Review” on PBS.

While at Depauw, Pitcock majored in political science and Asian studies.

“We’re just real excited for him,” said his mother, Nancy Pitcock. “What else can you be? We’re proud of him and very excited.”

She said her son has worked hard and was dedicated to Pence during his term in the U.S. House.

“We’re very excited about going to the inauguration,” she said. “It’s something we never thought we would get to do.”

Pitcock said the family has the opportunity to participate in the inauguration and will be attending two balls and the parade.

Jerry Pitcock said he has met Pence several times over the years and has following Pence’s ascension to the vice presidency intently.

“We knew that the quality person that Mike Pence is that he would be a positive for the time,” he said.

Pitcock said his son has forged quite a relationship with Pence over the years during his time as chief of staff in the Congressional office and with his involvement during Pence’s term as governor.

Asked if Josh has said much about Trump, Jerry Pitcock said his son has not commented a lot.

“He had many positive things to say about the president-elect and his children,” Jerry Pitcock said.

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