Professor Harold Lloyd organizes publication of Wake Forest Law Review’s ‘Revisiting Langdell: Legal Education Reform and the Lawyer’s Craft’

Photo of book cover with painting of male with white beard with text, 'Revisiting Langdell Legal Education Refore and the Lawyer's Craft Wake Forest Law Review'

Professor Harold Lloyd, an associate professor of legal analysis and writing, has organized the publication of “Revisiting Langdell: Legal Education Reform and the Lawyer’s Craft,” a book that reproduces Volume 51 of the 2015 Wake Forest Law Review symposium on Langdell and legal education reform.

“I hope it inspires a trend both at Wake Forest and other law schools and institutions,” Professor Lloyd says. “The symposium shows Wake Forest’s deep concern for the future of legal education and its desire to lead in this area. Its low price hopefully helps us disseminate the useful scholarship from the symposium.”

Professor Lloyd also contributed to the book, writing the introduction, “Raising the Bar, Razing Langdell.”