Professor Mark Hall’s study reveals N.C. hospitals not eager to receive patients with ACA coverage

Photo of Wake Forest Law Professor Mark Hall in the Professional Library at the Worrell Professional Center

Professor Mark Hall

Professor Mark Hall‘s recently published study, “A Study of Affordable Care Act Competitiveness in North Carolina,” was referenced in the article “N.C. Among Tops in Country for Sick ACA Signups” written by Richard Craver and published in the News & Record on Monday, Feb. 13, 2017.

The following is an excerpt from the original article:

“North Carolina has an unusually high number of people who sign up for insurance in order to receive expensive treatment, and then drop coverage once treatment is no longer needed,” Hall said.

That has been a particular concern of hospitals and physicians since the ACA requires hospitals to regard patients as having coverage for up to three months after the patient stops paying premiums.

“The hospital learns only retroactively that the insurer will not pay for the treatment,” Hall said.

As a result, Hall found some N.C. hospitals “are not eager to receive patients with ACA coverage.”

“They feel that these patients are likely to incur higher costs and be less stable in their source of insurance.”