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Wake Forest Law to host World Tort Law Society’s bi-annual meeting Nov. 13-18, 2017

Image sourced from the World Torts Law Society

Image sourced from the World Torts Law Society

From Harbin, China, to Vienna, Austria, to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the third bi-annual meeting of the World Tort Law Society will be held Nov. 13-18, 2017, at Wake Forest Law in the Worrell Professional Center.

Professor Michael Green, who as a nationally and internationally recognized torts teacher and scholar, is hosting and helping organize the event as a founding member of the World Tort Law Society.

The World Tort Law Society is comprised of leading torts scholars from countries around the world and meets to discuss and prepare comparative reports on specific common areas of tort law. The first report was on products liability.

The World Tort Law Society’s bi-annual meeting will be held in conjunction with the Wake Forest Law Review’s fall symposium on Friday, Nov. 17, 2017.

The meeting will pass the comparative law report of product liability and create country reports for a comparative law study on the applicable scope of tort law in road-traffic accidents, consider the way in which different legal systems address traffic accidents, including bases for tort liability, first- and third-party insurance, and government social welfare programs, according to the World Tort Law Society website, according to the World Tort Law Society website.

The Wake Forest Law Review will contribute to this meeting with its fall 2017 symposium, “Traffic Accidents and Comparative Legal Responses,” which will involve presentations by international and U.S. scholars and practitioners.

More information about travel to Wake Forest Law can be found here.

Additionally, the discussion topic for the World Tort Law Society’s 2019 annual meeting, “Personality Right and Freedom of Speech: Tort Liability under Internet,” will be determined at the November 2017 meeting.