Ashley DiMuzio (JD ’19) wins 2017 Zeliff Trial Bar Competition

Group photo of the 2017 Zeliff Trial Bar Competition finalists, Cheslie Kryst (JD '17) and Ashley DiMuzio (JD '17) in the Worrell Professional Center courtroom

Cheslie Kryst (JD '17) and Ashley DiMuzio (JD '17)

Ashley DiMuzio (JD ’19), a native of Whiteville, North Carolina, is the winner of the 2017 Zeliff Trial Bar Competition. The final argument in Charlie Kelly vs. Frank Reynolds, owner/operator of Paddy’s Pub, sponsored by the Wake Forest Student Trial Bar, was held at 4 p.m. Thursday, March 2, in the Worrell Professional Center.

In the final round of the competition DiMuzio represented the plaintiff, Charlie Kelly, while Cheslie Kryst  (JD ’17) of Fort Mill, South Carolina, represented  the defendant, Frank Reynolds. The statement of the case is Charlie Kelly is suing Frank Reynolds as owner/operator of Paddy’s Pub for civil assault, civil battery, and negligent hiring.

Paddy’s Pub is being charged with civil assault, civil battery, and negligent hiring. Plaintiff alleges that he was forcibly removed from Paddy’s Pub and then physically assaulted outside by employees employed by Paddy’s Pub. Plaintiff suffered from multiple lacerations and a broken jaw. Paddy’s Pub alleges that Plaintiff was intoxicated and fell on the sidewalk.

“This was a close, close case,” said the Honorable Theodore Kazakos, a North Carolina 21st Judicial District Court judge.

Judge Kazakos stated after the competition that both advocates were extremely talented, and that the round was one of the closest he has ever presided over.

The final four contestants included Mitchell Davis  (JD ’18) and Virginia Stanton (JD ’19).

The elite eight finalists of the competition included Caleb Hodge (JD ’19), Kyle Martin (JD ’17), Adam Mccoy (JD ’19) and Mark Parent (JD ’19). Honorable mentions went to Avery Barber (JD ’19), Kyle Huggins (JD ’19), Tenika Neely (JD ’17) and Evan Reid (JD ’19).

Zeliff Co-Chairs are Michael Fleming (JD ’18), Anna-Bryce Flowe (JD ’18) and Ryan Miles (JD ’17).

“Zeliff is a great competition for developing your trial advocacy skills and presents another opportunity to make Trial Bar,” the co-chairs wrote in an email announcing the competition. “In addition, the trial teams typically use the Zeliff problem for tryouts (More than half of Wake Forest’s trial teams have done Zeliff).”

“The Wake Forest Trial Bar Association is very appreciative of Michael Fleming (JD ’18), Anna-Bryce Flowe (JD ’18) and Ryan Miles (JD ’17) for putting on a fantastic competition,” said Mia Falzarano (JD ’17), president of the Wake Forest Trial Bar Association.