Professor Abigail Perdue’s book, ‘The All-Inclusive Guide to Judicial Clerking,’ is available

Photo of Wake Forest Law Professor Abigail Perdue posing outside the Worrell Professional Center

Professor Abigail Perdue

Professor Abigail Perdue‘s latest book, “The All-Inclusive Guide to Judicial Clerking,” published by West Academic Publishing is available on Amazon beginning April 8, 2017. It is currently listed as the No. 1 New Release in the Legal Services category.

The book is a comprehensive new resource that is ideal for current and prospective law clerks as well as law professors who teach judicial drafting courses or direct judicial externship programs.

The book explores the purpose and function of a law clerk, the nature and structure of the judiciary, how to apply for and obtain a clerkship, and most importantly, how to perform it well. Among other things, the book explains how to draft judicial opinions, bench memos, orders, and chambers correspondence as well as how to prepare for oral argument, hearings, and trials. It also discusses judicial ethics, professionalism, confidentiality, courtroom decorum, judicial drafting, docket management, and other issues that law clerks commonly encounter. The book breaks down complex tasks, such as opinion drafting, into a series of simple, concrete steps and provides checklists, graphical illustrations, and samples of documents that law clerks often prepare. The book also shares practical guidance gleaned from law clerks who have served judges across America, including several Wake Forest Law alumni.

“Many current and former law students, including Brittany Colton (JD ’16), Cate Berenato (JD ’17) and Amanda Brahm (JD ’17), made valuable contributions to the book,” Professor Perdue said. Colton is currently a judicial law clerk at the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims in Washington, D.C.

Professor Perdue is a former attorney and federal law clerk who directs Wake Forest’s prestigious Washington, D.C., Summer Judicial Externship Program and teaches its accompanying course on judicial clerking. Her former judge — The Honorable Jimmie V. Reyna of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit — authored the book’s Foreword, which discusses the unique relationship between judges and their law clerks.

Professor Perdue is also the author of “Animal Cruelty and Freedom of Speech: When Worlds Collide (New Directions in the Human-Animal Bond),” which she co-wrote with Randall Lockwood and published in May 2014.

Graphic image of the cover of Professor Abigail Perdue's book,  'The All-Inclusive Guide to Judicial Clerking (Career Guides).'

Cover of Professor Abigail Perdue’s book,
‘The All-Inclusive Guide to Judicial Clerking (Career Guides).’