Student Profile: Javlon Otakulov (LL.M. ’17)

Photo of Wake Forest Law student, Javlon Otakulov

Photo of Wake Forest Law student, Javlon Otakulov.

Javlon Otakulov (LL.M. ’17) stumbled upon Wake Forest Law while researching LL.M. programs in the United States, and he was instantly hooked. Knowing he wanted to improve his professional skills, Otakulov moved from Uzbekistan to Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

“Wake Forest Law’s LL.M. program offers a wide range of essential courses in my area of law,” Otakulov said. “I was attracted to the school’s facilities and the opportunities for international law students.”

Upon arrival, Otakulov was captivated by Wake Forest University, the city of Winston-Salem and his new peers.

“I found Orientation pretty exciting,” Otakulov said. “It was an emotional part of my study here. Familiarizing myself with the school, students and atmosphere was really fun for me. I found my peers at Wake Forest to be very kind, helpful and friendly to each other and to the international students. Also, the city is very affordable and a beautiful place.”

Otakulov says he has especially enjoyed Professor Alan Palmiter’s Business Organization course, Professor Michael Green’s Torts course and Professor Barbara Lentz’s Legal Writing for International Law Students course. All three courses demand a high level of professionalism, skill, preparation and readiness.

“Business Organization was highly organized and really professional,” Otakulov said. “To me, Professor Alan Palmiter is an excellent professor.”

Outside of the classroom, Otakulov has fostered relationships with American students.

“It’s very interesting and effective to have classes with American students,” he said. “I was able to interact easily with them, make friendships and help each other.”

After graduating from Wake Forest Law, Otakulov hopes to use his gained knowledge and skill in corporate law, securities regulations, business transactions and drafting to pursue a career at a U.S. law firm.