Shaka Mitchell (JD ’04) asks ‘Can helicopter parents save struggling schools?’ at Nashville TEDx Talk

Shaka Mitchell (JD ’04) gave a TEDx Talk in Nashville entitled, “Can helicopter parents save struggling schools?,” on May 8 2017.

During the talk, Mitchell says, “Despite what you might think, we are all helicopter parents to some degree. Let’s channel that energy in ways that benefit our kids – all kids – in school, not just on the athletic fields.”

Mitchell is featured in’s following story, “Coffee Break: Charter School Leader Shaka Mitchell on TEDx Talks, Justice and Shaking Things Up in Music City,” published on May 10, 2017:

Shaka Mitchell, leader of Nashville’s Rocketship schools, is a jack of all trades. The avid runner, former attorney and recent TEDx Talk presenter is shaking up things in Nashville—and parents and children are better for it.

“Thanks, it was really an honor to get to speak on the TEDx stage. My main point—but still go watch the whole video—is that parents of all stripes (rich, poor, Black, White, you name it) are more invested in the lives of their kids than in any other time in history. Schools have got to harness that energy in ways that are productive academically, not just in support of bake sales and such. If schools have a genuine orientation towards parent engagement, the sky’s the limit.”