Student Profile: Karen Frekko (MSL ’18)

Photo of Karen Frekko (MSL '18)

Karen Frekko (MSL '18)

After completing her first two semesters of Wake Forest Law’s online Master of Studies in Law (MSL) degree, Senior Associate Director of Information Technology Karen Frekko (MSL ’18) says she has found “a new set of tools” in her toolbox.

Like nearly half of all of Wake Forest Law MSL students, Frekko already earned a graduate degree, an MBA, before starting the MSL degree.

She admits she might not seem to others like the type of professional who would be attracted to the MSL program. But this program is perfect for Frekko as she has no need to practice the law, but wants “to more effectively interface with the people that do.”

That’s why Wake Forest Law’s online MSL program has turned out to be such a great fit for her.

Frekko says she has already gained so much knowledge and awareness from the program; the learning is already applicable when it comes to negotiating contracts with vendors or handling HR issues that crop up in her role as a supervisor.

“I find myself looking at everything through a different lens,” she adds.

 Work-life balance is also important to Frekko, which she says is another reason she was attracted to the part-time, online MSL program.

 ”The asynchronous lectures combined with the assignment deadlines keep me on track,” she explains. “It’s the best of both worlds.”