Media Roundup for the week of Aug. 18, 2017

Photo of microphone and title that says, "Wake Forest Law Media Roundup)

Wake Forest Law faculty, students and staff are quoted regularly in the media. Following are the media mentions for the week of Aug. 18, 2017:

How Backpage and Similar Sites Are Crucial in Fight Against Sex Trafficking

Before It’s News

Aug. 16

 Anyone under that misguided impression—and anyone seeking to push back against it—should check out some new research published in the Wake Forest Law Review.

Gannon ROTC students commissioned as Distinguished Military Graduates

The Gannon Knight

Aug. 11

Craig will be in Ft. Drum, New York as a field artillery officer. Palanca and Sarlo will join the Army Nurse Corps, while Volkman will be attending Wake Forest University for law school and join the Judge Advocates General Corps.

Hard truths: Abraham Lincoln was a racist and the Confederacy is not the enemy; we need to acknowledge our messy past to deal with our real problems

The Huffingot Post

Aug. 15

Last night, a group of about 100 people in Durham, North Carolina threw a rope around the statue of a Confederate soldier and pulled it off the pedestal where it has stood in front of the Durham County Courthouse for nearly a century. Unlike the statue in Charlottesville, Virginia, this statue did not purport to honor the generals or politicians that led the Confederacy. Instead, it was dedicated to “the memory of the boys who wore the gray.” North Carolina governor Roy Cooper tweeted: “The racism and deadly violence in Charlottesville is unacceptable, but there is a better way to remove these monuments.”


The Psychology of Hostility Toward Kaepernick

The Huffington Post

Aug. 15

Before a 2016 preseason NFL game, San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick sat down, as opposed to stand, during the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” During a post-game interview, he explained his rationale, referencing the events that led to the Black Lives Matter movement.