Registration available for 40-Hour Superior Court Civil Actions (MSC) mediation training in March 5-9, 2018

Photo of the outside of a courtroom

Wake Forest School of Law will host a 40-hour mediation training for Superior Court Civil Actions (MSC) program from March 5-9, 2018.  The program, which will be held in the Worrell Professional Center, runs each day from 8:30 a.m to 6:30 p.m. Registration is available at The registration deadline is Thursday, March 1, 2018.

Course faculty include Ellen R. Gelbin, course developer and planner and primary North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission certified trainer; M. Ann Anderson, co-trainer and NCDRC certified mediator; and Zeb “Barney” Barnhardt, co-trainer and NDCRC certified mediator.

The faculty will conduct lectures and role play scenarios that center on the statutes, rules of procedure and standards of conduct for mediators and the stages and themes in mediation practice.  The faculty, or trainers, will observe and guide and be available for questions.

The course description follows:

“This mediation practice class is based upon the assumptions that: 1) most parties know what is in their own best interest; 2) if given the opportunity and tools, most litigants are able to solve their own problems and 3) litigants are generally more satisfied when they are involved in determining the outcome of their cases instead of the results being dictates to them by a jury or judge.

“The course will focus on mediation as a method of dispute resolution from the perspective of attorneys representing clients at mediation as well as from the perspective of mediators facilitating mediated settlement conferences. Students will participate in simulated mediation sessions and role plays,” according to Gelbin.

The North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission (NCDRC) has approved this program pursuant to Rule 8A of the North Carolina Supreme Court Rule Implementing Statewide Mediated Settlement Conferences in Superior Court Civil Actions. Attorneys who pass this course will receive a certificate of successful completion of the mediation training required by Rule 8A of the North Carolina Supreme Court Rules Implementing Statewide Mediated Settlement Conferences and Other Settlement Procedures in Superior Court Civil Actions.

Registration fees include 3 hours of North Carolina State Bar Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit approved for CLE ethics. Attorneys may also apply to the N.C. State Bar for up to an additional 37.25 in CLE general credits by filing with the N.C. State Bar and paying the N.C. State Bar $3.50 per additional credit hour. No credit will fulfill the substance abuse/mental health awareness requirement.

For more information, contact Ellen R. Gelbin: 336-945-0214 (Office); 336-945-0217 (Fax); 336-462-1803 (Mobile) or