Professor Andrew Verstein’s article selected among top submissions of 2018 AALS Scholarly Papers Competition

Photo of Wake Forest Law Professor Andrew Verstein

Associate Professor Andrew Verstein

Professor Andrew Verstein‘s article, “The Jurisprudence of Mixed Motives,” has been selected among the top submissions in the 2018 Association of American Law Schools (AALSScholarly Papers Competition for law school faculty members in the field for five years or less.

Professor Verstein’s article, “The Jurisprudence of Mixed Motives,” looks at how various areas of the law analyze the complex issue of motive and determines the four most common motive standards. Professor Verstein provides an in-depth examination of motivations in the law, from Equal Protection and employment discrimination to insider trading and income taxation. The draft article is available on SSRN and will be published in the Yale Law Review.

The AALS Committee to Review Scholarly Papers for the 2018 Annual Meeting received 53 submitted articles. The committee selected three authors article’s to award, one winner and two honorable mentions. The winning article, “Rethinking Political Power in Judicial Review” was awarded to Aaron Tang of the University of California Davis School of Law. The first honorable mention, “The Lottery Ticket” was awarded to William Ortman of Wayne State University Law School and Daniel Epp of Washington University in St. Louis School of Law. The second honorable mention, “The Jurisprudence of Mixed Motives,” was awarded to Professor Verstein.

The committee found Verstein’s article, “impressive, cross-cutting, and innovative take on a difficult doctrinal puzzle,” according to AALS Association Director Elizabeth Patterson. Professor Verstein is invited to be recognized at the first 2018 meeting of the AALS House of Representatives on Thursday, Jan. 4, in San Diego, California.

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Professor Verstein, who is currently visiting at the University of Chicago School of Law, teaches and writes in the areas of contract law, corporate law, and securities and commodities regulation and litigation. His articles have been or will be published in the Yale Law Journal, The University of Chicago Law Review, The Virginia Law Review, the Michigan Law Review, the Northwestern University Law Review, and other journals.  Some representative projects include person-to-person lending and crowdfunding, financial indices and benchmarks such as Libor, and market abuse in securities and commodities markets, investor time horizons, the intersection between national security and corporate governance, the functional role of business entities, and the treatment of mixed motives in the law. His scholarship is available at: