Media Roundup for the week of Jan. 12, 2018

Photo of microphone and the words "Wake Forest School of Law MEDIA ROUNDUP"

Wake Forest Law faculty, students and staff are quoted regularly in the media. Following are the media mentions for the week of Jan. 12, 2018:

Cliven Bundy case: How big a problem is prosecutorial misconduct?

The Christian Science Monitor

Jan. 12

“It’s important that we have protections for prosecutors [from spurious misconduct claims] to be able to do their jobs effectively, without fear of a chilling effect on their performance,” says Kami Chavis, director of the Criminal Justice Program at the Wake Forest University School of Law in Winston-Salem, N.C., and a former US attorney.

This story also ran in the Daily Magazine and Yahoo News.


Medicaid could mandate working Want Medicaid? NC could now require you to work for it

Pharmacy Choice

Jan. 12

“This is a well thought out plan that puts Medicaid reform on a strong footing,” said Mark Hall, a law professor at Wake Forest University and a national health-care expert. “I expect that it will be well-received and approved by the federal government.”


It feels like things are different

The Outer Banks Sentinel

Jan. 10

“It does feel like things are different,” said Wake Forest law professor Wendy Parker. “People are much more comfortable, for the first time, about coming forward.”