Journal of Business and Intellectual Property Law (JBIPL) announces new editorial board for 2018-19

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The current board members of theĀ Journal of Business and Intellectual Property Law (JBIPL) have announced the 2018-19 editorial board.

The new editors are as follows:

  • Editor-in-Chief: Whitney Hosey
  • Managing Editor: Yusuf Brown
  • Business and Online Editor: Gabriela Mejias
  • Symposium Editor: Niti Parthasarathy
  • Manuscripts Editor: Justine Parry
  • Executive Articles Editors: Charlotte Loper, William Reingold, Tracea Rice
  • Development Editor: Joseph M. Dougherty
  • Senior Notes and Comments Editor: Abigail Jacobs
  • Notes and Comments Editors: Ashley Bouchez, Michael Johnson, Gregory M. Volk
  • Research Editor: Mattile Gibbons
  • Articles Editors: Avery Barber, Camryn Keeter, Kaylen Loflin, Justin Wright

The Wake Forest Journal of Business and Intellectual Property Law publishes four issues annually. The journal, which also hosts an annual symposium, covers a wide variety of topics in the fields of intellectual property law and business law, specifically focusing on the intersection between the two.