Media Roundup for March 9, 2018

Photo of microphone and the words "Wake Forest School of Law MEDIA ROUNDUP"

Wake Forest Law faculty, students and staff are quoted regularly in the media. Following are the media mentions for the week of March 9, 2018:

UN moves towards recognising human right to a healthy environment

The Guardian

March 9

John Knox, the UN special rapporteur on human rights and the environment, said the momentum for such a move – which would significantly raise the global prominence of the issue – was growing along with an awareness of the heavy toll being paid by those fighting against deforestation, pollution, land grabs and poaching.

Crypto Offerings Slowly Grow Up

Bloomberg View

March 8

Speaking of Martin Shkreli: We talked a while back about Andrew Verstein’s article on “insider tainting,” the idea that a public company that doesn’t want an investor to sell stock can call up the investor, lob material nonpublic information at him, and then tell him that he’s locked up from trading.

George to Wake Forest Law

Legal History Blog

March 8

Appointments season is upon us, and we are always delighted to share legal history updates. The latest comes from Wake Forest University School of Law, announcing their hiring of Marie-Amélie George:

Caldwell, Green gain top awards

The Chronicle

March 8

Former Reynolds American Vice President Lisa Caldwell (JD ‘86) and Z. Smith Reynolds (ZSR) Foundation Executive Director Maurice “Mo” Green will be Woman and Man of the Year. Judge Denise Hartsfield (JD ‘91) will be the mistress of ceremonies and Dionn Owen & Renaissance will provide musical selections. Hartsfield is the Wake Forest School of Law’s Pro Bono Coordinator.

Skimpy Coverage Concern Takes Center Stage in Health Rule Debate

Bloomberg BNA

March 7

The final DOL rule should include language that mandates minimum benefits and that doesn’t necessarily have to be the essential benefits under the ACA, Mark A. Hall told Bloomberg Law. Hall is professor of law and director of the health law and policy program at Wake Forest University.

‘The Time Has Come’: UN Expert Calls for Global Recognition That Every Human Has Right to Healthy Environment

Common Dreams

March 6

“In many ways, the United Nations needs to try and catch up with where national countries are,” said John Knox, the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Human Right and the Environment, at the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva. “The time has come to recognize this formal interdependence of human rights and the environment, not only at national level but at the U.N. level too.”

UN expert calls for global recognition of the right to safe and healthy environment

The Jurist

March 5

John Knox presented a report on the framework principles of “human rights obligations relating to the enjoyment of a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment” to the Human Rights Council. Knox said that human rights and the environment are interdependent. He said, “[a] healthy environment is necessary for the full enjoyment of many human rights, including the rights to life, health, food, water and development. At the same time, the exercise of other freedoms, including the rights to information, participation and remedy, is vital to the protection of the environment.”

Il linguaggio dell’odio (The Language of Hatred)

The Portal of Italian Judaism

March 3

In this regard, it is necessary to recall the opinion of those who consider that “Free speech is essential to collective decision making; However, when hate speech places reasonable people in fear for their well-being or advocates discriminatory conduct and undermines the very collective autonomy “(Tsesis, Alexander, Dignity and Speech: The Regulation of Hate Speech in a Democracy (May 1, 2009). Wake Forest Law Review, Vol. 44, 2009, which also considers American jurisprudence)