Wake Forest Law Review ranks No. 40 out of best U.S. law reviews

Graphic that says 'The Wake Forest Law Review Serving Humanity Through the Pursuit of Knowledge'

Wake Forest Law Review is ranked No. 40 out of the 100 best law reviews in the country in the following article, “2018 Meta-Ranking of Flagship U.S. Law Reviews,” originally published on PrawfsBlawg on March 21, 2018.

Wake Forest Law Review’s position on this list is demonstrative of the extraordinary effort our members put forth on a daily basis and reflects not only their commitment to fostering meaningful legal scholarship but also their dedication to representing Wake Forest and all it has to offer,” says Editor-in-Chief Mickey Herman (JD ’18).

Bryce Clayton Newell (Kentucky), 2018 Meta-Ranking of Flagship US Law Reviews, writes:

This is an updated ranking of flagship law reviews at U.S. law schools (updated as of March 20, 2018, including the 2019 U.S. News numbers). The earlier version of this ranking, from 2016, is available at PrawfBlawg, along with the rationale for why I created the “meta ranking” in the first place.

The ranking table includes all of the law reviews that ranked in the top 150 in in the MetaRanking, including all journals that ranked in the top 100 at least one of the following rankings: U.S. News Peer Reputation Score Ranking (avg., 2010-2019), U.S. News Overall Ranking (avg., 2010-2019), the Washington & Lee University ranking (current version, 2009-2016; default weighting), the Google Scholar ranking (index as of June 2017), and the W&L Impact Factor Ranking (not included in the MetaRank).

Even if you ignore the “MetaRank,” the table provides access to the updated rankings from US News (peer reputation and overall rankings, averaged over the 10-year period from 2010 through the 2019 edition) and the current W&L and Google Scholar rankings. Each column (ranking) is sortable, and you can use the search box to search for individual law reviews. If a journal doesn’t appear in a particular index, I have scored it as “1000” to allow the table to sort correctly.

For a short summary and more detailed notes about method, visit http://bcnewell.com/meta-ranking-of-flagship-us-law-reviews-2018/