Media Roundup for the week of May 18, 2018

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Wake Forest School of Law faculty, students and staff are quoted regularly in the media. Following are the media mentions for the week of May 18, 2018: 

EPA ‘transparency’ rule confuses science and regulatory science

May 15

The Hill Online

…close to meeting this requirement. Sid Shapiro is a professor at Wake Forest UniversitySchool of Law in Winston-Salem, North…


Do States Regret Expanding Medicaid? Not Really

May 15


Medicaid opponents have called expansion a “proven disaster” for state budgets, asserting that states who expanded the program regret doing so. A new analysis from health policy expert Mark Hall argues otherwise. Hall is the director of the health law and policy program at Wake Forest University School of Law.


World’s Largest Pork Producer Hit With Manure Lagoon Lawsuit

May 15
…continues to spray urine and feces near the neighboring homes. Wake Forest University law professor Sidney Shapiro explained in a…


Another Law School Goes To The Dark Side And Will Accept The GRE

May 16

Above the Law

UCLA now joins Harvard, Columbia, St. John’s, Brooklyn, Northwestern, Arizona, Georgetown, Hawaii, Washington University in St. Louis, Wake Forest, Cardozo School of Law, Texas A&M, BYU, John Marshall Law School, Florida State, Pace, and Chicago-Kent College of Law in full-throated acceptance of the GRE (University of Chicago and University of Georgia allow candidates in dual degree programs skip the LSAT). And according to a Kaplan survey, a full 25 percent of law schools have plans in the works to accept the GRE.


Reid on Crime Scene Evidence Collection

May 17


Melanie Reid (Lincoln Memorial University – Duncan School of Law) has posted A CSI Story: The Past, Present, and Future of Crime Scene Collection and What Litigators Need to Know (Wake Forest Journal of Law & Policy, Vol. 8, Issue 2 (2018)) on SSRN.


Counterpoint: Medicaid expansion study is ‘bogus’

May 17

News and Record

Mark A. Hall, professor of law and public health at Wake Forest University and nonresident senior fellow in economic studies at the Brookings Institute, has written a timely report. This report — “Do States Regret Expanding Medicaid?” — concludes they don’t.