Media Roundup for July 27, 2018

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Wake Forest Law faculty, students and staff are quoted regularly in the media. Following are the media mentions for the week of July 27, 2018:

Verstein on Privatizing Personalized Law

July 25

Legal Theory Blog

Andrew Verstein (Wake Forest University School of Law) has posted Privatizing Personalized Law (University of Chicago Law Review, Forthcoming) on SSRN.  Here is the abstract:

In recent years, scholars have devoted increasing attention to the prospect of personalized law. The bulk of the literature has so far concerned whether to personalize any law and, if so, what substantive changes should be instantiated through personalization. Comparatively little discussion has gone to the authorship personalized laws. Who will make personalized laws? Who will enforce them? In this Essay, I propose we consider who in the personalization debate. Specifically, I identify the policy consideration that bear on the optimal maker or enforcer of personalized law. To put it another way, my essay begins where most of the prior literature leaves off: having concluded that personalized law has some merit in a given area, I ask when the state should facilitate personalized lawmaking by non-state actors.

Review of Reviews: “Conspicuous Philanthropy: A Response,” 67 Am. U. L. Rev. F. 1 (March 2018)
July 25

Professor William Drennan’s article, “Conspicuous Philanthropy: Reconciling Contract and Tax Laws,” and Prof. Joel S. Newman’s response to it, “Conspicuous Philanthropy: A Response,” both center on the question: What’s the fair market value (FMV) of naming rights, specifically in the non-commercial context?

‘A World Without’: Space for the Dead

July 25

WBEZ 91.5 Chicago

To discuss, we’re joined by Tanya Marsh, a Law Professor at Wake Forest University where she teaches a course called “Economy, Funeral and Cemetery Law.” She is also the author of The Law of Human Remains and Cemetery Law.

ABA Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section to honor five with leadership awards

July 24

Legal News

Wake Forest University Law School professor Michael D. Green will receive the Robert B. McKay Law Professor Award, which honors law professors who have shown commitment to the advancement of justice, scholarship and the legal profession, demonstrated by outstanding contributions to the fields of tort, trial practice or insurance law. This award will be presented during the James K. Carroll Leadership Awards Dinner on Saturday, Aug. 4, from 6:30-10 p.m. at the Swissotel Hotel.

Science, Technology and Research Institute of Delaware Announces New Boards of Directors

July 24

Coatings World Online

The Board also elected the first three members of its Advisory Council. Two of them, Kurt Adams and Sarah Rush, are scientists and founding members of STRIDE. The third is Omari Scott Simmons, an associate professor of Law at Wake Forest University School of Law and the Executive Director of the Simmons Memorial Foundation, a nonprofit organization promoting college access for vulnerable students.

The next step is simple: Fund Everglades restoration

July 23

The Miami Herald

Don Jodrey authored this op-ed in the Miami Herald.  Jodrey is a visiting professor of practice at Wake Forest Law.

July 24

John Knox, the UN special rapporteur on human rights and the environment, said Latin America’s population and endemic corruption make it a particularly dangerous area for environmental activists.

“You see indigenous peoples who are still directly dependent on natural resources in forests or sometimes fisheries who are already discriminated against or marginalised,” he said.

Pro-ACA group: Court pick Kavanaugh refused to uphold pre-existing condition ban

July 18


“I see in his declining to address that issue (the mandate) only normal judicial prudence of not deciding issues unless the case requires them to be decided,” Wake Forest University’s Mark Hall told us.

Lawsuit can proceed against college whose president allegedly vetoed hire for ‘Jewish blood’

July 18

The College Fix

Judge Hornsby even quotes a scholar who was recently confirmed head of the Office for Civil Rights in the Department of Education, Kenneth Marcus. He wrote in the Wake Forest Law Review in 2009 that “Jews have been variously perceived as black, Asian, or white, depending on the nature of the perceiver’s bias.”

Faculty Appointments

July 12

The Chronicle for Higher Education

Raina Haque, an adjunct professor at the Wake Forest University School of Law and founding partner of Erdos Intellectual Property Law + Startup Legal, became a professor of practice in technology on July 1.