Professor Ron Wright ranks No. 12 among most-cited criminal law professors

Photo of Professor Ron Wright teaching in a classroom

Based on the latest Sisk data,  Professor Ron Wright is ranked No. 12 among the 20 most-cited criminal law and procedure professors in the U.S. for the period 2013-2017, according to the latest Leiter Report.

The data was collected in late May of 2018, and the pre-2018 database did expand a bit since then, according to Brian Leiter of the University of Chicago Law School.

“Numbers are rounded to the nearest five,” Leiter explains. “Faculty for whom 75 percent or more of their citations (based on a sample) are in this area are listed; others with less than 75 percent of their citations in this field (but still a plurality) are listed in the category of ‘other highly cited scholars who work partly in this area.’”

1. Orin Kerr
2. Rachel Barkow
3. Christopher Slobogin
4. Brandon Garrett
5. Paul Robinson
6. Michael Tonry
7. Stephen Schulhofer
8. Carol Steiker
9. Jeffrey Fagan
10. Franklin Zimring
11. David Sklansky
12. Ronald Wright