Winners of 2018 Transactional Law Competition announced

Photo of award winners holding certificates

(Winston-Salem, N.C., Oct. 23, 2018) — The Wake Forest Transactional Law Board named Rainsford Reel (JD ’20), Brandon LaRose (JD ’20), and Thomas Cain (JD ’20) overall team champions of the 2018 Transactional Law Competition.

 The Transactional Law Competition is a student-run competition, using a simulated business transaction in which student teams represent buyers and sellers of a hypothetical company. The competition allows participants to learn and practice the skills of contract analysis, drafting and negotiation, and, as Professor Harold Lloyd stated, “this competition showcases transactional education at Wake Forest in multiple ways.”

Award winners from the competition include:

Overall Team Champions 

Rainsford Reel (JD ’20)

Brandon LaRose (JD ’20)

Thomas Cain (JD ’20)

Best Team Negotiators

Alex Perry (JD ’20)

Yuqi Wei (JD ’20)

Best Team Mark-up

Mary-Kathryn Hawes (JD ’21)

Aaron Walck (JD ’21)

Dakota Baccus (JD ’21)

Best Team Draft

Rainsford Reel (JD ’20)

Brandon LaRose (JD ’20)

Thomas Cain (JD ’20)

The competition consists of three rounds: drafting, mark-up, and negotiation. Practicing attorneys from a variety of firms judged the event and provided feedback to participants.

In the drafting round, teams are asked to draft an agreement that represents their client’s position in the business, while being cognizant of the other side’s position in order to keep the deal alive.

Photo of student negotiatingIn the mark-up round, teams receive a copy of the agreement from a team on the opposite side of the deal. Teams are asked to mark-up the agreement with changes according to the needs of their client.

In the negotiation round, teams participate in negotiations with two separate teams: the team who completed a mark-up of their agreement and the team whose draft their marked-up.

The final negotiation round was held in the Law Commons of the Worrell Professional Center on Saturday, October 20, 2018. The negotiation round was followed by a reception for judges and participants. This year’s problem was designed by members of the Transactional Law Competition Board, which consisted of Chairperson Cara Katrinak (JD ’19), Vice Chairperson Grant Hancock (JD ’19), Problem Chairperson Avery Barber (JD ’19), 2L Board Member Samantha Moench (JD ’20), and 2L Board Member Matthew Hooker (JD ’20).

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Photo of Transactional Law Board members